Work with us!

We are passionate about our customer-facing manufacturing studio. We collaborate with established and emerging designers by specializing in soft goods manufacturing including apparel, home accessories, and wearable accessories. Our preferred projects tend to lean toward small batch, collaborations, unusual materials, direct textile recycling, and zero waste methods. We offer pattern-making, sample making, sewing production, QC, and many other services. Come visit us in our comfortable, collaborative space and let's figure out how to see your vision realized. 

Our goal is to invite the customer in to witness the production process (without giving away your secrets!!) so that they can gain a deeper understanding of manufacturing and connect wholeheartedly with the product. 

UR Fancy Shop is the home of Ugly Rugly! We produce all of Ugly Rugly’s goods in house. Please feel free to swing by the shop and catch Lauren working in the studio. You can check out live sewing and making as it’s happening and even shop for those items in store. 

Lets Work Together!

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