Class Policy

UR Fancy Shop is excited to invite you to take a class with us! We host classes on a wide variety of topics and skill levels. We’ve brought in teachers who are experts in their field to share their skills and help you build yours!  Please check out our class scheduling here.

We offer beginner and intermediate classes in sewing, textiles, and basic photography as well as classes and workshops geared toward emerging designers and creative professionals. Check back often as we will be frequently launching new class series! 

UR Fancy shop is also a sewing manufacturing studio with a fully outfitted sewing workshop. The space hosts up to 10 students but is intimate enough for one-on-one attention.

We welcome students of all ages and skill levels, our adult classes are for ages 15 and up. Most classes are based around our premade class kits. Each kit will have all the necessary materials to complete the project and each class is paced so that the student will have a finished project to take home. Our kits are also available for purchase in case you’d like to tackle a project solo! 

** Please note: Children 15 & up must have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for the student in person or we cannot allow them to participate in the class. **

We also host creative professional classes geared toward skills that makers and designers (or anyone!!) will need such as product photography, linesheet preparation, and other professional practice classes. 

**We do not accept alterations** 


You will be required to sign a release of liability form prior to beginning the class. We do not allow students to take a class without first signing a release form, students unwilling to sign the release form will not be eligible for a refund. 


Though there is no longer a universal mask mandate, we embrace the choice to wear a mask and are committed to establishing an atmosphere where masks are always welcomed. Many of our teachers will be masked and we encourage our students to mask up too!

Workshop sizes will accommodate physical distancing when possible.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are experiencing any cold/flu symptoms after a known exposure please email us at ASAP to cancel your workshop registration. You will receive a credit equal to the amount of your workshop fee, which can be used toward any future workshop or in store. We are unable to provide refunds.

Please Note: Our non-COVID cancellations are subject to our standard policy which can be found below.

Our pandemic policies are subject to change and will be updated based on CDC, NYC State, and infection statistics. 

Thank you for your support! 


We are not able to issue refunds on class or workshop cancellations.

If you’re unable to attend the class you’re signed up for, we will happily reschedule or offer a credit toward any class or to use in-store. 

To initiate a cancellation, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance. To cancel, please email or call 347-763-5350 and request a credit. We are unable to accommodate rescheduling or canceling a class less than 48 hours in advance with the exception of our COVID-19 cancellation policy (see above). 

In the rare occurrence that a class must be canceled due to bad weather, pandemics, teacher cancellation or any other atypical circumstances we will offer to reschedule or you will be issued a credit that can be used on any class or in-store purchases.

About Cancellations: 

Our classes require a large amount of preparation, ordering supplies, booking, staff, and commitments to our visiting artists and instructors. When students cancel or reschedule, this costs us all of the effort, time, and money we invested into your place in the class. We’re simply unable to absorb those losses while keeping our classes fairly priced. We do make exceptions to our policy on a case-by-case basis based on need. 

Thanks for your participation and understanding! 

Class FAQ:
Will there be time to shop during class time? 

We know it can be exciting and tempting to shop during class. We recommend arriving early so that you can peruse the boutique before the beginning of class. For evening classes, we can provide a few minutes at the end of class but please be respectful that our shop closes at 7PM and our staff would like to head home :) 

I’m running late!! 

Perpetually running late? It’s ok! Please try to arrive at class at least 10 minutes early. We will make efforts to accommodate late arrivals but please note that you may miss important parts of the class that won’t be repeated. We reserve the right to not accept students arriving more than 15 minutes late because this will hinder the progress of the rest of the class. 

What skills will I learn? 

Each class is built around a project. Each class and project kit have the skills you will learn listed in the product description. These projects are designed to teach specific skills and paced so that most students will go home with their completed project. 

What if I don’t like the fabric that’s in my kit?

We encourage our students to swap fabrics with each other if they’re so inclined, if not, we have some substitute fabrics on hand for swapping. We will try our best to cater to student’s fabric preferences but can’t always guarantee a substitute fabric. If you have a fabric at home you would like to use, please send a picture of the fabric stating the weave and fiber content to We can let you know if it’s appropriate for the project and coordinate the use of it. You may need to come early to allow the instructor to help you cut your fabric. For standard fabrics, Lauren picks out all of the fabrics herself and they are seriously cool, but we understand that everyone has different tastes so we will try to be as flexible as we can without impacting the class. We encourage you to enjoy learning the skills at hand and to be flexible with our options! 

Can I bring my own sewing machine? 

We discourage students from bringing their own machines.We find that having all the students on the same type of machine allows the class to run smoothly. Many domestic sewing machines have similar basic parts and functions, we intend that you will leave the class with the necessary knowledge to begin on your machine at home. Additionally, many machines that have been sitting for a while may require a tune up and we don’t have time for troubleshooting your machine in the class. 

Can you teach me to make my own clothes? 

Creating garments tailored to you is a fantastic goal and we encourage you to go for it! However, it’s a process that can take years to learn all of the skills to make your own wardrobe. Due to the nature of our business and manufacturing services, we’re unable to accommodate private lessons at this time. Our projects are intended to teach sewing skills which build on each other until you gain the knowledge to create your dream outfit! 

Do you teach private lessons? 

Due to the nature of our business and manufacturing services we’re unable to accommodate private lessons at this time.

Are you an artist, creative, or designer and are curious about teaching? 

Please get in touch! If you’re interested in becoming an instructor, teaching an existing class, or building a new workshop, don’t hesitate to reach out! Please send an email with your background, examples of your work or experience, and a description of what you’d like to teach. Please include any relevant links or files such as your instagram, linked-in, online store, or resume.