Sewing 102: Clone your Clothes
Sewing 102: Clone your Clothes
Sewing 102: Clone your Clothes
Sewing 102: Clone your Clothes

Sewing 102: Clone your Clothes

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Sewing 102 - Some experience required. You must have either taken one of our sewing 101 classes or have sewn in the recent past and feel mostly comfortable on the machine. 

Duration: 5 hours


Do you have a favorite garment that has had its run and you'd like to recreate it?  Is there something you love the fit of but would love it even more in a different fabric? Come to the Clone your Clothes class, we’ll teach you the skills you need to start creating your own clothes! This class is great for someone who already has a basic understanding of sewing and is ready to take their skills to the next level with beginner pattern making. Participants will create a paper pattern of their garment and a muslin mock-up! The mock-up is crucial to ensure that your pattern fits correctly and you’ll acquire the expertise to craft the final garment using your chosen fashion fabric at home or in our Open StudioLINK or Guided StudioLINK (requires a separate booking). This class is perfect for those who want to focus on pattern making and perfecting the fit of their clothes! 

Let's Clone:

T-shirts, sweatshirts, blouses, simple skirts or pants with elastic or drawstring waist bands.  

Acceptable materials:

woven fabrics (non-stretch) or 2-way stretch knits (i.e. tshirt/sweatshirt fabrics) 


Complicated details, collars, pants/skirts with zippers, jackets, fully lined garments, fur items, leather items, sweaters, no 4 way stretch garments such as leggings, swimsuits, lingerie

**Please email a photo of the garment you'd like to copy for approval, along with a brief explanation of your sewing experience level to with subject line “Clone your Clothes garment approval” (please no tiktok/Instagram DMs)

Please note: You will be making a muslin mock up in this class. This is so that you can test the fit of the pattern before sewing this garment in final fabric on your own. This is a common practice in apparel making. 

About our instructor: 

Casey Crespo (she/her) has had a lifelong passion and career in fashion and costume development. She has 15 years of experience as a Cutter/Fitter/Tailor in the film industry, making costumes for large scale productions such as “Stranger Things,” “Dumplin,” “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” just to name a few. She has helped develop the designs, patterns and samples for several independent fashion brands, including her own.  She has worked as a production patternmaker for larger brands that have been carried in Bloomingdales, Saks, and Nordstrom.  Her most recent projects include developing high end drag costumes featured on Drag Race, as well as making contemporary ballet costumes for ballet companies across the country.  Casey is excited to share knowledge and tips of the trade, from so many different perspectives in fashion and costume!

    • Is this class beginner friendly? 
      • Sewing 102 is designed for students with some experience and/or who have taken any of our 101 classes OR have sewn in the recent past and feel mostly comfortable on the machine, this class offers projects strategically designed to build and expand upon existing skills. Through challenging yet achievable assignments, participants will delve into more intricate techniques, fostering a deeper understanding of garment construction and design. 
    • When to show up?
      • Please arrive 5 minutes early to class. Students later than 15 minutes will forfeit their spot in the class. 
    • Materials, tools, and machines:
      • Sewing Machines: we use the Singer Heavy Duty home sewing machine, ensuring a standardized and consistent learning experience for all participants. We kindly discourage students bringing their own machines, to prevent disruptions caused by potential malfunctions and to maintain a smooth class flow. This way we can focus our class time on skill-building and project completion, rather than troubleshooting individual sewing machines. 
      • Tools: We will have all tools necessary to complete the project, you’re not required to buy or bring any tools. 
  • Pattern Paper
      • Fabrics, yarn, thread, or other materials: Most of our classes will provide all of the necessary materials for this class. We will supply muslin for this class. 
    • Skills learned: 
      • How to make a paper pattern from an existing garment without taking it apart.
      • Pattern making fundamentals.
      • Apply simple design or fit alterations where needed.
      • How to properly label your pattern so anyone can follow it.
      • Proper finishing techniques for a variety of garments.
    • Class includes: 
      • Pattern Paper
      • Muslin Fabric

    Learn more about our class policies here. Please arrive 5 minutes early to class! 

    Interested in growing your skills further or have already taken a 101 class? Check out our Sewing 102 courses, advanced courses, or other crafts! 

    Please note: Our intention is for you to leave with a fully finished piece after completing the class. Our classes are paced with that in mind! Depending on your particular speed and skills, this cannot be guaranteed and our instructor may advise you to do work at home or advise you to arrange a time with UR Fancy Shop to complete in our studio so that you can finish your project. 

    Some classes require a minimum number of sign-ups to proceed, and in the event that a minimum number of sign ups is not met, we may opt to cancel, postpone, or reschedule the class. Should a class fall short of the required sign-ups, we will notify you 24–48 hours prior to the scheduled start time with options for rescheduling to the next class, waitlist, or obtaining store credit.   

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